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International Motor certificates to be issued in Black & White


The 2019 General Assembly of the COB had decided that the National Motor Insurers’ Bureaux are authorised, on a voluntary basis to issue the International Motor Insurance Certificates (IMICs) or the so-called “Green Cards” in black on white. The National Bureaux can allow the interested insurance markets inter alia to send PDF files directly and electronically by e-mail or any other facility to their policyholder, who can later print it in black on white. Therefore, if asked by the authorities of the visited country (border authorities, road traffic police authorities, etc.), the visiting motorist must present the IMIC in paper format.

Insurance markets wishing to keep the issuing of the IMICs on green ground-colour are not hindered in doing so. However, the countries of the markets wishing to keep their green coloured IMICs, should accept the printed black on white IMICs from visiting motorists. All Green Card Bureaux confirmed that all steps had been taken to guarantee that visiting motorists traveling with printed black on white IMICs will be accepted as of 1st July 2020 by the competent national authorities in their countries.

For more info, please read our FAQ related to the colour of the IMIC.