The Correspondents

Each insurer participating in the system has the possibility (not the obligation) to nominate a correspondent in other participating countries. This correspondent will handle all claims arising from accidents caused in the correspondent's country by vehicles insured with the insurer. The National Insurers' Bureau of the country of accident will guarantee the quality of the claims handling process by the correspondent and the Bureau continues to bear the final responsibility for the reimbursement of the damages caused.

Useful documents

The pdf icon Explanatory Memorandum makes provisions for each Bureau to produce a document (for better transparency and if possible for publication on its website) which is accessible to all candidates for the position of correspondent established in its country in order to explain the conditions under which the Bureau grants, refuses or withdraws its approval to a correspondent.

In that context the 2009 General Assembly agreed on the use by the Bureaux of the 3 following documents:

pdf icon The model for a Correspondents’ Charter

pdf icon The Handling and Paying Model Agreement

pdf icon The Rules on Outsourcing


These documents are models which can be voluntarily used, modified and adapted in accordance with each Bureau’s own situation.